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Company Profile

In 1972 we started the business as "Kema Kimya Makinaları Sanayi Zeynel Abidin Güvenlioğlu (Kema Chemicals and Mechanical Industry - Zeynel Abidin Guvenlioglu)" after the results of ideas and projects developed in the library and halls of Ankara University the Faculty of Science.

We worked in different fields until 1988 in Ankara such as Electrolytic Metal Plating Industry, Metal Plating and Metal Plating Machines Production, and Inorganic and Organic Chemicals Trading. The branch we opened in 1988 continued as "Bereket Kimya Tıp Teknik Tic. ve San. İth. İhr. Zeynel Abidin Güvenlioğlu (Bereket Kimya Medical Science Trade and Industry, Import & Export - Zeynel Abidin Guvenlioglu)" in 1990 at the place in Eminönü, Istanbul.

With our founder's desire for institutionalization, and with our team's high performance, we are improving and enlarging our organization. Therefore, we have been running our business by the name of "Bereket Kimya Tıp Teknik Tic. ve san. Ltd. Şti. (Bereket Kimya Medical Science, Trade, and Industry Limited Company)" since 1998. After a few years later that, we opened our second branch in Unkapani, and it is still in operation. In 2010 we started to provide service to more people after opening our Tuzla branch at Istanbul Tuzla Kimya Sanayicileri O.S.B. Melek Aras Bulv. Analitik Cad. No: 78 (Istanbul Tuzla Chemical Industrialists Organized Industrial Zone - Melek Aras Bulv. Analitik Cad. No:78).

In September 2023, we moved to our Eminonu main office to our Unkapani address to serve faster and easier. We are operating continuously to our works and projects to improve our company's supply opportunities, and add variety to our business.